• Vie. Abr 9th, 2021

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Changes Might Save the Original Game – Den of Geek

BioWare hasn’t completely abandoned the first game’s ideas, but the version of that game featured in the Legendary Edition benefits from a series of changes designed to make the combat feel “snappier.” BioWare is removing some of the RPG elements that limited the use and effectiveness of certain weapons and are evening toning down that annoying expanding reticle effect that absolutely nobody enjoyed. Generally speaking, it sounds like the game’s guns will feel like they’re being used for more than a way to trick people into thinking that Mass Effect was a sci-fi action title.

Oh, and Legendary Edition will even add a dedicated melee attack button to Mass Effect rather than having those attacks be automatic…wait, there were melee attacks in the original Mass Effect?

Mass Effect’s Improved Leveling Fixes Issues That Almost Killed the Game

While leveling in RPGs seems like a simple enough concept on paper, the fact is that it takes a lot of expert balancing to make RPG leveling truly feel good. Then you’ve got games like the original Mass Effect that tried to think outside the box and forgot to get the essentials right before they broke the mold.

Legendary Edition will address some of Mass Effect’s worst leveling problems which quietly (and sometimes loudly) hindered the role-playing experience that the game was trying to emphasize. By removing the first playthrough level cap, spreading leveling more evenly across the game, and changing the drop rate/effectiveness of certain items at higher levels, the hope is that the updated Mass Effect will make leveling feel rewarding rather than something you’re constantly having to put up with.

Whether or not BioWare is making the right amount of changes to Mass Effect’s UI and leveling remain to be seen, but this is one of the fascinating ways that they’re really trying to improve “Mass Effect: The Sci-Fi Action Title” and “Mass Effect: The BioWare RPG” at the same time.

You Can Still Skip Mass Effect If You Really Want

Even with all the (hopefully) welcome changes featured in Legendary Edition, the fact of the matter is that some people are going to want to skip Mass Effect. It was a rough entry into an otherwise fairly beloved franchise that’s bad ideas are amplified by the bad memories people associate it with.

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