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En Países Bajos debaten si la princesa Amalia podrá ser reina si decide casarse con una mujer



El primer ministro de Países Bajos respondió a consultas del Parlamento que surgieron a raíz del libro “Amalia, el deber llama”, que señala que las leyes antiguas parecen excluir la posibilidad de que una pareja del mismo sexo ocupe el trono (Foto: Reuters)
El primer ministro de Países Bajos respondió a consultas del Parlamento que surgieron a raíz del libro “Amalia, el deber llama”, que señala que las leyes antiguas parecen excluir la posibilidad de que una pareja del mismo sexo ocupe el trono (Foto: Reuters) (PIROSCHKA VAN DE WOUW/)

La princesa heredera de los Países Bajosuno de los países que fue pionero en la legalización del matrimonio homosexual puede casarse con una persona del mismo sexo que desee sin perder su derecho al trono, dijo el martes el primer ministro Mark Rutte.

Rutte respondió a las preguntas del Parlamento que surgieron a raíz del libro “Amalia, la llamada del deber”, de Peter Rehwinkel. Allí se argumentaba que las leyes antiguas parecen excluir la posibilidad de que una pareja del mismo sexo ocupe el trono. Sin embargo, el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo es legal en Países Bajos desde 2001.

La princesa Catalina Amalia, de 17 años, hija de la reina Máxima Zorreguieta, es la heredera del rey Guillermo Alejandro.

El gobierno cree que la heredera también puede casarse con una persona del mismo sexo”, escribió Rutte en su respuesta al Parlamento. “Por lo tanto, el gabinete no considera que un heredero al trono o el rey deba abdicar si él/ella quiere casarse con una pareja del mismo sexo”.

Sin embargo, los matrimonios reales sí necesitan la aprobación del Parlamento y los miembros de la casa real han renunciado en ocasiones a su lugar en la línea de sucesión, bien para casarse con alguien sin permiso o porque parecía improbable que lo obtuvieran.

Además, Rutte dijo que un problema sigue sin resolverse: cómo un matrimonio homosexual afectaría la sucesión posterior de los hijos de la pareja real. “No tiene sentido intentar decidir eso ahora”, dijo. “Es muy dependiente de los hechos y circunstancias del caso específico, y ver cómo el derecho de familia puede cambiar con el tiempo”, escribió.

El rey Willem Alexander, la reina Máxima, las princesas Amalia, Alexia y Ariane posan durante una sesión de fotos oficial en La Haya, Países Bajos (Foto: Reuters)
El rey Willem Alexander, la reina Máxima, las princesas Amalia, Alexia y Ariane posan durante una sesión de fotos oficial en La Haya, Países Bajos (Foto: Reuters) (PIROSCHKA VAN DE WOUW/)

El libro “Amalia” será lanzado por el cumpleaños número 18 de la heredera al trono y hay grandes expectativas al respecto. Fue escrito en base a conversaciones privadas en las que la joven reveló detalles de su vida, sus pasiones y las expectativas sobre su rol como monarca.

“Con motivo del decimoctavo cumpleaños de la princesa Amalia, la princesa de Orange, el 7 de diciembre de 2021 Claudia de Breij publicará un libro personal basado en sus encuentros con la princesa”, anunciaron en la Casa Real de los Países Bajos.

Según adelantaron, el libro “tiene como objetivo presentar a los lectores a la futura heredera al trono”.

“Para el libro, Claudia de Breij tuvo varias conversaciones con la princesa de Orange en el verano de 2021 sobre, entre otras cosas, sus días de escuela, su amor por la música y lo que la monarquía y su futuro papel significan para ella ahora. El libro es un reflejo de las conversaciones y las impresiones de la autora”, añadió.

(Con información de Reuters)

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DJI announces compact, modular, and magnetic Action 2 camera



DJI has announced a follow-up to its Osmo Action camera, and it’s got a completely new design — the Action 2 drops the Osmo name and focuses on modularity with a suite of additional parts and accessories that attach to the camera magnetically.

The camera module itself is small (it’s 39mm square and 22mm deep) and includes a 12MP sensor capable of 4K recording, a lens that provides a 155-degree field of view, and a 1.76-inch OLED touchscreen covered by Gorilla Glass. Using magnets, you can attach another touchscreen (which also boosts the battery life and adds an array of microphones), an extra battery, or a variety of mounts that let you attach it to tripods or GoPro mounts, or even wear the camera as a necklace.

Modules, like the one that adds extra battery power, attach with both magnets and physical clips.
Image: DJI

Speaking of GoPro, any action cam is going to face comparisons, and the Action 2’s specs fall short when put side by side with those of the recent Hero10 Black: it can do 4K at 120 frames per second like the Hero10 but lacks any higher-resolution options (the Hero10 can do 5.3K60), and its 240fps super slow-motion runs at 1080p instead of the GoPro’s 2.7K.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the Action 2 is tiny in comparison — it weighs just 53 grams, which is almost exactly a third the weight of the Hero10. DJI also includes 32GB of built-in storage (expandable with a microSD card), something the GoPro lacks.

There’s also the system of magnetic accessories DJI is working on, which lets you customize your camera in a way that’s not really possible with the GoPro. If you need a second screen or more battery, you can just snap them on — and then take them off when you want a compact or discreet camera. Other accessories, like a headband or magnetic ball-mount adapter that can be attached to tripods, are similar to GoPro accessories but will (in theory) be easier to attach to and detach from the camera.

The Action 2 has a touchscreen on the back, and the front screen module lets you add another one, as well as augmenting the camera’s single microphone with three others.
Image: DJI

The Action 2 also has action cam table-stakes features like electronic stabilization, horizon leveling, and the ability to livestream or be used as a webcam, as well as some neat tricks like a color temperature sensor that DJI says will help produce better colors in complicated lighting situations or underwater.

Comparing the Action 2’s price with GoPro’s isn’t straightforward, due to GoPro’s pricing model and the DJI’s modularity. You can get the Hero10 for $400, but that requires having a $50-a-year subscription — otherwise, the camera is $500. The Action 2 power bundle costs $399 and includes the camera, power module (which extends your record time to 180 minutes versus the camera’s 70 and adds an extra microSD card slot), a mount, and a lanyard. DJI tells me you can’t buy the camera by itself, which seems like a shame.

If you want to replicate the Hero10’s built-in front-facing screen, you’ll have to go for the $519 dual-screen bundle, which includes the same things as the power bundle (but swaps out the battery module with the screen one) and adds a ball-joint adapter as well. While that’s technically more than the GoPro’s non-subscriber asking price, the Hero10’s lack of built-in storage means that you’d probably make up the price difference buying a microSD card anyways.

DJI says that the dual-screen bundle will be coming on November 2nd, and the power combo, along with most other accessories, will be coming in “mid-November.”

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Nor’easter: 490,000 outages as Massachusetts hit by strong winds



Nearly 500,000 homes and businesses in Massachusetts were without power early Wednesday as a powerful nor’easter continued to batter the East Coast.

The National Weather Service in Boston warned of a «dangerous situation» near and southeast of I-95, the East Coast’s main highway.

«Winds gusting over hurricane force across southeast Massachusetts. Numerous downed trees,» the service warned on Twitter. «TRAVEL IS NOT RECOMMENDED early this morning in southeast MA.»

The storm has already caused flooding in New York and New Jersey, where emergency services have carried out dozens of rescues.

The fire department in Duxbury said that «many roads are impassable» and that it was «handling a very high volume of emergency calls.»Duxbury Fire Department

Coastal areas of Massachusetts are now bearing the brunt of the storm, with reported wind gusts of up to 97 mph that have brought down trees and power lines.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency said close to 490,000 customers were without power as of 8:30 a.m. ET

Most of these, almost 300,000, were in Barnstable and Plymouth counties, which cover Cape Cod and an area south of Boston.

All schools on the Cape have been closed, according to the Barnstable County Regional Emergency Planning Committee. And images and video posted on social media showed downed trees and other debris littering roads. 

In Boston, downed trees disrupted parts of the Red Line and Mattapan Trolley service, according to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, which deployed replacement shuttle buses.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency warned people to «avoid downed power lines, check on neighbors, and use generators outside away from buildings.»

The Massachusetts Steamship Authority, which runs ferries from the mainland to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, said it was canceling all services until further notice. It warned people not to attempt to get to its terminals and to stay off the “extremely dangerous” roads.

The harbormaster in Plymouth said some boats had broken free from their moorings.

On Tuesday, New York City saw almost 4 inches of rain in lower Manhattan and and Brooklyn in 24 hours — which are amounts approaching the rainfall typically seen in a month.

The weather service said the window for the strongest winds along the coast was between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. local time, «with somewhat lesser winds farther inland.»

It said early Wednesday that the wind would «slowly diminish today but it remains windy» as the storm pushes off the coast.

The Northeast won’t have much time to dry out, as there’s more rain in the forecast for the region on Friday.

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The DJI Action 2 is like a modern GoPro Session with magnets #Shorts



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